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miðvikudagur, mars 21, 2007

kiki sound

Registered: Oct 2006
Location: Guangzhou /Foshan

from your pic

every day,at afternoon , nearby my home
an old man about 60¬70Ys,
He drive an old bike and with a loud speaker on the back seat,
the music sound mix the kiki-sound (from the old bike)around me from east to west,
i think his is a music lover.

so one day , i ask him, he said that the amp is diy by him. the 4IN speakers is buy from 2nd hand maket, the walkman is from his grand son,

so i invite him to come to my home to have a glass of water,and to have a listen to my CDs.

from that day, i never hear the music sound from his speakers, he turn it off when he passing by my home.
i just can hear the kiki-sound around me from east to west.

i think i hurt him. so sorry for that.
i'm missing the music mixing the kiki sound, that is a good afternoon.