en ekki þinns

laugardagur, júní 10, 2006

Question: "what are the craziest/funniest/weirdest things you've ever heard or seen in a public place?? tell me -- i've gotta know!"

One time, some "foreign looking" people ran past us. A few minutes later, a couple of Icelanders asked us if we had seen the runners. "They were stealing!", they said, thereby completing the cliche.

A few more minutes later, a red Camaro ran over my friend's can of yogurt at a crossing. It was in his grocery bag, which he held in his hand. To emphasize: The yogurt was held a meter off the ground when Camaro guy ran over it.

A little later, Camaro guy was out in the parking lot with the police, looking for my evil yogurt-dangling friend. We saw it out the window. My friend quickly disposed of the rest of the strawberry-flavored evidence.

föstudagur, júní 09, 2006

Lunval Vici

Lunval Vici
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Hér getur Lauginn að sjá. Stundum get ég teiknað, það er samt mjög random hvort það kemur eitthvað af viti.