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föstudagur, maí 21, 2004

A big issue is making sure that your sister, your friend feels like they can trust you, talk to you. It will keep them from feeling so lonely.

When I had a bad episode several years ago, it wasn't until after I was on anti-psychotics that I realized how little I was talking to anyone else. Much of the destabilization was at night, alone in my apartment with the voices and thoughts. Things start to make sense that really shouldn't.


During my wild and reckless youth, I "partied" all the time and it eventually lead to my demise of going insane. During this time, I believed that I was an android that was malfunctioning.

I lived with my parents at the time and they lived in a nice housing development. To me, this housing development was an "experiment" and that men in lab coats monitored the activity behind the scenes.


Slashdot er fallegur í dag..


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