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fimmtudagur, nóvember 08, 2007

"Jeez, another bat cycle."

Who decided that angular=modern? Even Ducati is going in this direction. And what's the deal with all these goofy headlights? When did the circle become passe?

Change does not equal progress.

My theory?

CAD programs are becoming easier and easier to use. Moulding and manufacturing too, probably.

Meaning that designers can take those GREAT CURVES DUDE they cooked up in design school, add them to bikes and unfortunately have them made.

It's like when overabundant energy, cheap plastics and high-tech hair products fueled the Eighties into an EXPLOSION of COLOR and FUN.

This isn't a motorcycle post. It's a ZEITGEIST and ART post. OK?


Anonymous Krillamamma said...

"This isn't a motorcycle post" Hahh. Einmitt.

12:14 e.h.  
Anonymous hthth said...

Frankly, I find the above design hideous. But there's a bike I keep seeing in RVK that's very bat-like and totally hot — so I can't say they're all bad.

1:27 e.h.  
Blogger krilli said...

A much belated answer - I'd guess it was a KTM Super Duke you've been seeing. That is a very pretty bike.

2:15 e.h.  
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