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miðvikudagur, júní 04, 2008

Great Minds


Anonymous Colin said...

Hello Krilli,

You wrote:
I can't believe you're hosting Live at Meeting Square for download. Thanks thanks. I downloaded a part of it from somewhere, don't remember where or when, and was just listening to it. It's intense and beautiful, I googled it just to hear if anyone else had actually heard this fucking thing. Gah! Thanks again.

I reply:
I'm writing here because I had to take my blog down for a little while. I'm glad you liked the recording. It's marvelous isn't it - I wish they would release a CD of it, it's a fascinating document.

6:54 e.h.  
Blogger krilli said...

Hey, thanks for the reply. I saved the rest of your blog for later - Will you be back up soon?

7:19 e.h.  

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